Use swimming pool


The swimming pool is located on the south side of the site and is shared with the two (adult) owners of Domaine l’Arpent.

The swimming pool is open from mid-May to mid-October; depending on the weather.

The use of the swimming pool is included in the rent. Guests can use the swimming pool (free of charge) and no (external) guests from outside are allowed.


However, the use of the pool is entirely at your own risk. The owners/Domaine l’Arpent expressly do not provide supervision and we do not accept any liability for the use of the swimming pool. We are not responsible for accidents of any kind.

The swimming pool is approximately 1.60 m deep over its entire length and is therefore not suitable for people who cannot swim (well). It is forbidden to dive into the pool.


The pool is not heated and can be chilly if the sun doesn’t shine for a few days. However, it warms up relatively quickly and we find that it is usually very pleasant when it reaches 27⁰C or 28⁰C on the thermometer in the pool.


To keep the pool clean and in good condition, we personally carry out a daily inspection and cleaning of the pool and/or the filter system. If necessary, the water level is topped up by us.

The pool filter hatch is opened and closed exclusively by us. Access to the technical room or control panel is strictly prohibited.

Would you like to have an extra maintenance service carried out on the swimming pool? Let us know and we will gladly clean the water surface for you. The white pool liner is fragile and can leak if used incorrectly. That is why we kindly ask you NOT to work with the landing net yourself.


To ensure that the water remains clear and pleasant, we treat the pool with bromine tablets. Bromine has a disinfecting effect and is used as an alternative to chlorine, but does not spread an unpleasant odor. Another added benefit is that bromine is gentler on the skin and eyes.

For good bathing water quality, we need to test the values 2 to 3 times a week. We will try to disturb you as little as possible.


Sunscreen and self-tanning products damage the fragile pool liner. Therefore, any form of sunscreen should be showered off before using the pool.

Lounger and chair cushions, parasols and bath towels/foutas

The use of the lounger and chair cushions, parasols and bath towels/foutas are included (free of charge). However, we do ask you to store all pillows, parasols and beach towels/foutas in the cupboard in the corridor/open shed every evening and also during the day – when rain/strong wind is predicted.

No nude recreation

Since we live as host and hostess on the same property in the adjacent Manor Farm, nude recreation/nudism is not permitted.

Hygiene and safety

We kindly ask you to leave the area around the pool and terrace clean.

For safety reasons and due to the fragility of the pool liner, it is NOT ALLOWED to use glassware and glass bottles in and near the pool. It is also not allowed to eat in the swimming pool for reasons of hygiene.


Do you notice defects in the swimming pool that could jeopardize your safety or do you have doubts about the safe condition of the installation? Then report this immediately and do not enter the swimming pool.


In the unlikely event that something breaks or you have broken something, please let us know immediately. Then we look for a solution together.

Do you have any questions or comments about the swimming pool? Then don’t hesitate to ask us.

Domaine l’Arpent,

Saint-Loup-en-Comminges, January 9, 2023.