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General booking conditions Domaine l’Arpent

These general booking conditions apply to the gîte located at Domaine l’Arpent, 22 Chemin de la Carrerasse in 31350 Saint-Loup-en-Comminges, hereinafter also referred to as ‘the owner’.

When you book the gîte, you agree to the booking conditions below. Do you therefore want to read them carefully when you want to book?

To book

  • After booking you will receive a confirmation from us by e-mail.
  • Reservations and bookings are only possible by e-mail.
  • Options are only valid for a maximum of 3 days. If nothing is heard from the person concerned within this period, the option will be cancelled.

Rental fee

The rent depends on the accommodation, not on the number of people. The gîte is furnished and suitable for two people. It is not allowed to stay in the accommodation with more than two people. Extra persons who stay for a day without an overnight stay are also not allowed.

The rent includes gas, water, light. However, we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so please make sure the lights are off when not needed (including the outside and pool lights). You will not likely need heating during the summer months. During colder evenings/nights in spring or autumn, the heating is automatically controlled by a thermostat. If you want to turn up the heating, please contact us and we will be happy to adjust the thermostat to your wishes.

Payment rent

  • After booking you will receive a rental confirmation by e-mail.
  • With every reservation, a deposit of 50% of the rent + a deposit of € 300 must be paid within 5 days after the rental confirmation.
  • After payment of the deposit of the rent, your reservation is final.
  • By paying (the down payment of) the rent for the gîte, you automatically agree to the reservation conditions of Domaine l’Arpent.
  • The remainder of the rent must be paid no later than 4 months before the start of the rental period.
  • When booking within 4 months, the total rent + the deposit must be paid immediately.
  • In the event of late payment of the deposit and/or the balance of the rent, we, the owner, are entitled to cancel the booked period for the rental of the gîte. The cancellation conditions will then apply.


The deposit of € 300, – is provided to protect us as owner against substantial loss or damage. We understand that unforeseen accidents can happen. We therefore do not withhold any money from the deposit for broken glasses, plates, etc. Please let us know if anything is broken or broken during your stay, or if there is anything that needs to be done or repaired so that we can make it right can ensure that all subsequent guests also have a comfortable stay. The deposit is usually refunded within 2 weeks. The refund of the deposit cannot be offset.

Rental period

  • We do not use fixed changeover days. Our accommodation can be booked every day of the week, subject to availability.
  • Minimum stay of 5 nights and maximum stay of 3 weeks.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation by tenant: Cancellations must be communicated to the owner by email. In case of cancellation, the tenant owes cancellation costs, which depend on the time of cancellation. If the tenant cancels up to 4 months before the date of arrival, the cancellation costs amount to the deposit and 50% (= the down payment). If case of cancellation by the tenant within 4 months before the date of arrival, the cancellation costs amount to 100% of the total rental amount, as well as the deposit, and there will be no refund. We recommend that you take out cancellation and travel insurance.
  • Cancellation by the landlord: If circumstances or force majeure force the owner to cancel due to a defect in the gîte/site or due to an event in the private sphere, the tenant will be informed immediately. In this case, the lessor will refund the rent already paid in full or in part without owing any compensation. The tenant has no other right than to reclaim the amount already paid. The lessor is never liable for the costs of any services reserved by the (co-)tenant himself (for example: airline tickets, car rental, boat crossing, bus/train travel, etc.).

Arrival and key collection

  • The gîte is available at 5 pm on the day of arrival as stated on the booking confirmation.
  • You can park your car close to the accommodation in a special private parking space.
  • Arrival and handover of the key is by appointment at 5 p.m. Should you arrive a little later? Would you like to inform us in time (no later than 4 p.m.) what your exact arrival time will be?
  • We count on you to come, but are we not there for a while or are we walking around? Then feel free to call us on +33 7 8737 7731.
  • On arrival you will receive one key for the (only) entrance door. If you lose these, please let us know immediately. In the unlikely event that the key has to be replaced, we are forced to deduct € 25 from the deposit.


  • The rented accommodation must be vacated before 10:00 am on the agreed day of departure as stated on the confirmation.
  • Cleaning is included and will be done for you, but we kindly ask you to leave the gîte tidy and broom clean: in other words tidy and no dirty dishes.
  • Before departure, the tenant must have stored all crockery clean in the drawers and cupboards in which the crockery should be.
  • In the event of improper leaving of the gîte, excessive pollution and/or damage to the accommodation and/or the goods contained therein and/or in the event of pollution and/or damage to the grounds/surroundings of Domaine l’Arpent, we will report the damage directly to the main tenant.
  • In the event of less and/or shorter use of the accommodation than stated on the confirmation of the reservation, the tenant is not entitled to a refund of (part of) the rent and/or costs.
  • Please respect the arrival and departure times. It is pleasant to arrive and stay in a neat holiday home. That is why we need sufficient time for a good cleaning between the departure of previous guests and the arrival of the new guests.

Use towels, beach towels/foutas, bed linen

  • Bath, hand and tea towels are available in the accommodations for the number of guests specified.
  • Your comfortable Queen size bed is already made up with fine hotel quality linens. Soft towels and large bath towels/foutas are in your cupboard and we will place the sun loungers by the pool for you.
  • Towels can be found in the bathroom: 2 guest towels, 2 small bath towels and 2 large bath towels are provided per guest for use in the accommodation.
  • Also there are beach towels/foutas (100x200cm) for each guest for use around the pool. Extra towels/beach towels/foutas can always be provided on request.
  • During your stay we take care of washing and drying used towels and beach towels/foutas. You can always deposit these in the special laundry basket in the corridor / open shed.
  • Please do not remove towels/beach towels/foutas/bed linen from the property.
  • For stays longer than a week, we change the bed linen for you once a week at a time that suits you.
  • There is a dishwasher and washing machine in the accommodation. Dishwasher tablets and detergent capsules are also provided.

Safety & Liability

  • The (co-)tenant is obliged to treat the gîte and the inventory present therein, as well as the swimming pool and the grounds with care (with due care), taking into account the tranquility of the environment.
  • Damage that occurs during the rental period must be reported to the lessor.
  • The main tenant is liable for damage caused by him/her or by the co-tenant, even if these are discovered after his/her departure. If damage is found after departure of the main tenant, he will have to accept the decision of the owner.
  • You stay in our accommodation and on our site at your own risk, which means that we are in no way liable and/or accept liability and that we cannot be held liable in any way for damage suffered by (co-)tenant and or injury suffered in our home or on our property in any form. If there is anything you deem unsafe, please let us know and we will take note of it.
  • The gîte has a smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, small fire extinguisher and fire blanket. In the event of a fire, first contact the emergency services (telephone number 112) and then evacuate the building and also contact us.
  • The owner is not liable for loss, theft or damage to your belongings.
  • The owner is also not liable for damage or nuisance caused by or to third parties. You remain responsible for yourself and your co-tenant at all times.

Layout with staggered floor levels (split level)

On the lower level, where you enter the gîte, there is a comfortable sitting area and a dining table. The entrance to the terrace and garden with swimming pool is also located here. Outside is a table with 4 chairs for dining al fresco on the terrace.

The kitchen is five steps up from the living room (split level) and offers all the necessary facilities as well as a breakfast tractor bar for early morning coffee with a view of the mountains.

An open staircase takes you up from the kitchen to a landing with authentic colombage, where there is a mezzanine bedroom with a queen size bed overlooking the Pyrenees, as well as the bathroom.

The gîte is arranged over several levels and is therefore not suitable for dogs or people with mobility problems.

Read the facilities of the two-person holiday home here.

Swimming pool

The swimming pool is located on the south side of the property and is shared with the owner.

Guests can use the swimming pool (free of charge) and no outside guests are allowed.

The swimming pool is approximately 1.60 m deep over its entire length and is therefore not suitable for people who cannot swim (well). It is forbidden to dive into the pool.

However, the use of the swimming pool is entirely at your own risk. Domaine l’Arpent explicitly does not provide supervision and does not accept any liability for the use of the swimming pool.

It is strictly forbidden to use glassware and glass bottles on the terrace around the pool or in the pool! This is for safety’s sake. Emptying and refilling the pool due to broken glass is the responsibility of the tenant.

Read our swimming pool use here.

Garden | Mowing grass | To water

In late spring and early summer, or if you stay with us for longer than a week in high summer, there is a good chance that we will have to mow the grass during your stay to keep it under control and/or water the (potted) plants. to give. We aim to do this while you are away, or at a time that suits you.

Adult only

Because of our total concept, we are equipped for exclusive peace, space and comfort. That is why Domaine l’Arpent is adults only (no kids). This means that our guests must be (approximately) 18 years or older.

Dogs | Pets

We unfortunately cannot allow dogs/pets as we have a small dog on site (Barka). He is friendly, well educated and lives with us in the Herenboerderij. Barka has no access to the gîte (unless invited).


The gîte and all other buildings at Domaine l’Arpent are non-smoking. It is therefore forbidden to smoke in the gîte, as well as in the other buildings at Domaine l’Arpent. It is also not allowed to use a super smoker, e-cigarette and the like in the gîte and in the other buildings on the site.

To ensure the comfort of all subsequent guests, please do not smoke in doorways or from open windows. If you do smoke outside, do not throw used cigarettes on the site, but in a safe and careful manner in the relevant ashtray.

Smoking is allowed on the outdoor terraces. There is an ashtray in one of the kitchen cupboards.

Failure to respect the rules of the smoking ban and smoking in the gîte or in the other buildings on the site will immediately result in a fine of €300 for extra cleaning costs.

Open fire is prohibited in our gîte.

In the event of an intervention by the fire service as a result of this, the costs will be recovered from the tenant.

General rules

  • The tenant or co-tenant must ensure that he does not cause any nuisance.
  • We live on the edge of a small hamlet with its own unwritten rules about quiet times. Do you therefore want to take into account that no noise nuisance will be caused before 9:00 am and after 9:00 pm, as well as between 12:00 and 2:00 pm?

Lost/forgotten property

If you leave personal items behind, we will contact you and we will keep them for you until a week after departure. We can ship these items to you at cost price. If we do not receive a response, we donate them to charity or dispose of them.

Do not derive any rights

No rights can be derived in any way from the information, photos, images and links as stated on the website of Domaine l’Arpent (

Domaine l’Arpent,

Saint-Loup-en-Comminges, January 9, 2023.